HQ Bird House Aviary 37x24

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HQ Bird House Aviary 37x24


• Weight: 82 lbs
• Inside Height: 54''
• Bar Spacing: 1/2''
• Bar Thickness: 1/14''
• Dimensions: 67'' height x 37'' length x 24'' width

• 1 removable tray to separate pet waste, 4 removable easy-glide wheels, 2 front entry doors 8'' x 10'', 2 straight pine perches, 3 breederbox doors, one removable grate to catch pet from waste, 2 plastic feeder dishes
• Produced from Iron Wrought Steel with a baked beautiful Powder-Coated, Non-toxic finish

HQ Bird House Aviary is perfect for:
• quakers, cockatiels, finches, pionus, caiques, parakeets, lovebirds, parrotlets, conures and other similar small and tiny birds

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